Art by Debbie Viola


Several months ago I received a call that literally propelled my business to new heights.  It was from a painter I met more than ten years ago, who held onto my card all these years.   That call led to a commission to restore the altarpiece that rises on the wall behind the main altar of […]

    I live in New York, and the last months of winter were unbearably long!  We were inundated with snow at every turn.  It even snowed on the first day of spring!  I was so tired of looking out my window and seeing nothing but gray, dismal days.  The only thing that made me […]


Getting back into the swing of maintaining my social media, while at the same time working on some very interesting projects. A great way to start off the year was to find that I have been featured in several of the regional newspapers owned by Anton Community Newspapers. Hopefully I will get it in the […]