Faux Finishes

Faux Finishing is a wide range of decorative painting techniques including: Graining, Trompe l'oeil, Venetian Plaster, Color Wash, Metallics and more.

Cabinets & Furniture

Creative painting techniques can modify and add new life to your existing furniture and cabinetry. For a fraction of the cost of replacing, let us give your cabinets and furniture a whole new look.

Kids' Rooms

Creating a fun space for your little ones to grow into by incorporating color and texture in fun illustrated designs that bring your child's interest to life.


Murals The indoor mural is most often used to visually open up a wall by painting an outdoor landscape or by transforming an entire room with a scene on all the walls. You can even incorporate the ceiling and floor.

In my twenty-five years of being an interior designer, I have worked with many faux finishers. I have to say that I never have seen so many innovative and creative finishes as you have created. The rooms you have created for my clients are simply extraordinary. - Laura Lea